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DTF TRANSFER - 11000 Commit Your Way To The Lord

DTF TRANSFER - 11000 Commit Your Way To The Lord

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Double Matte Hot Peel DTF Transfer

This design is rectangular in shape, with a larger height than width. This means the size selected for standard adult will be approx 7.9" x 12.6". For oversized, 9" x 14.4" For super oversized select the SUPER OVERSIZED option for 10.4" width x approx 16.5" height.

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  • This product is a Hot Peel DTF Transfer

Application Instructions

  • For BEST results requires the use of a COMMERCIAL grade heat press with 60 LB (Heavy) Pressure
  • Hot Peel DTF Transfers
  • Pre-Press: 5-10 seconds
  • Polyester: 275F for 10 seconds
  • TriBlend: 275F for 10 seconds
  • 50/50: 300F for 12 seconds
  • Cotton: 325F for 15 seconds
  • Allow to sit ~5 seconds off heat before peeling
  • Post-Press: Use Kraft paper for 10 seconds