• Adult Shirts

    Standard: 11"x5" - $1.15
    Standard Full: 11"x11" - $2.52
    Oversized: 11"x14" - $3.21 
    Max: 12.5"x17" - $4.43

  • Youth Shirts

    Infant: 5"x5" - $0.52 
    Toddler: 7"x7" - $1.02 
    Youth: 9"x9" - $1.69

  • Hooded Sweatshirt

    Standard: 11"x5" - $1.15

    Standard Full: 11"x11" - $2.52 

    Oversized: 11"x14" - $3.21 

    Max: 12.5"x17" - $4.43 

  • Left Chest Graphics

    Pocket: 3.5"x3.5"  - $0.26 

    Large Pocket: 4.5"x4.5" - $0.42 

  • Sleeve Graphics

    Standard: 2"x11.25" - $0.47 

    Max: 2.5"x14" - $0.73

  • Pants/Leg Graphics

    Standard: 2.5"x14" - $0.73

    Max: 5"x24" - $2.50

  • Cap & Hat Graphics

    Standard: 3"x2.25" - $0.14

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Try the best DTF Transfers in the industry

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*Limit one code per lifetime of a customer*

Frequently Asked Questions

What can DTF Transfers be pressed on?

Nearly any fabric works great with Direct-to-Film Transfers!

DTF Transfers work on:
100% cotton, Blends, Polyester, Nylon, Twill, Canvas, Denim, Foam Hats, Patches, and more!

What are the DTF Pressing Instructions?

We recommend the following:

Pre-Press Garment: ~5 seconds
Pressure: 60+ PSI minimum (medium-high pressure)
Temperature: 300F
Pressing time: 10 seconds
Peel: Hot peel (peel immediately) or Cold peel
Post-Press for finishing: ~5 seconds

Are these hot or cold peel?

Hot Peel

Help! My Transfers won't stick!

For Direct-to-Film (DTF) Transfers to work appropriately adequate Temperature AND Pressure are required. If your transfers are not sticking, or peeling hot, please check the following:

Heat Press Calibration:
- Pressure (minimum of medium-high pressure on all 4 corners of the press)
- Heat (check with infrared temperature gun to make sure appropriate calibration

DTF Transfers:
- Do the backs of your transfers received have an "orange peel" type effect on the entire back? If so, they are appropriately cured.

After Pressing:
- You should be able to see the fibers of the garment through the transfer if adequate pressure has been used when applying.

How long does it take for DTF transfers to be processed?

DTF transfer orders are same and next day shipping

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Absolutely not! You can order a single... well, let's just say your order might get lonely. But fear not, my friend! One taste of our incredible quality and you'll be back for more faster than you can say "minimum order what?"