Bulk Orders2

Single Print Location

Front and Back Print


All bulk orders will be processed through https://dboldtees.com regardless of site of origin (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.) and will have the same workflow applied. 

Artwork must be submitted via shared Google Drive folder at dbold.tees@gmail.com

Artwork must be confirmed prior to beginning production

  • If you do not have print-ready artwork or if you want our design team to create original artwork for you, artwork fees will apply.
  • One hour of artwork design/restoration is included free of charge. Additional time required will result in fees of $30/hr. 

Pre-Production Checklist

  • Supply or obtain print-ready artwork (dbold.tees@gmail.com)
  • Pay design/restoration fees, if applicable
  • Approve artwork
  • Select and approve desired garment(s)
  • Approve mock-up
  • Production begins 


Artwork can be obtained through two avenues

  1. Customer supplied
  2. dBoldTees created 


Customer supplied artwork

  • Artwork must be submitted at 300ppi resolution or higher, and sized to actual print size. Vector files are preferred.
  • Artwork should be submitted via shared Google Drive folder at dbold.tees@gmail.com
  • Acceptable formats include: PNG, SVG, EPS
  • PNG files at 300ppi that are sized to actual print size are typically print-ready
  • One hour of artwork design/restoration is included. If additional time is required, $30 per hour will be billed PRIOR to beginning your order. 
  • Artwork must be approved by the customer before starting production of your order. 


    dBoldTees Created Artwork

    • Customer will supply ideas and/or styles for desired artwork. 
    • One hour of artwork design is included. If additional time is required before confirming your design, an artwork fee of $30 per hour will be billed PRIOR to beginning your order
    • All graphics created by dBoldTees are solely owned by dBoldTees and cannot be redistributed or recreated in any way. 
    • Artwork must be approved by the customer before starting production of your order. 
    • Changes made to your artwork after approval will result in additional fees. 


      For each order, dBoldTees will submit a proof for customer approval. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that all of the information on the proof is correct. This includes checking for any spelling, grammar, or design errors.


      If an error is found after your order has been approved and printed, dBoldTees will not be held liable for the cost associated with reprinting the order. We assume no liability for errors in designs approved by the customer.



      All colors in a design will be matched to the closest color. Although our DTF machines are profiled out to Pantone match as close as possible by industry standards, colors may vary slightly from your monitor due to differing technologies. Even with these subtle variations, we are confident you will be happy with the color fidelity of your designs.

      • 1) Print-Ready Artwork?

        • Our team will confirm your high-quality art is ready to promote your brand/event!
      • 2) Apparel Needed?

        • Let us know what type and quantity of apparel is needed:
        • Hats, Shirts, Hoodies, Custom, etc
        • What brand is perfect for you?
      • 3) Finalize Details

        • Get a finalized quote - no hidden fees!
        • Approve your order details and pay final invoice
        • Production will begin
        • Completed orders typically ready in 2 weeks