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Purchasing Process:

  • Choose your desired transfer size(s)
  • Upload your file(s)
  • Match your quantity to # of uploaded files of each respective size
  • Checkout 

Artwork should be submitted as a PNG, with a transparent background, at 300ppi resolution or higher, and sized to actual print size.

Artwork line thickness should be at least 0.02 in. (0.5mm) or thicker. Any part of the artwork thinner than this will likely NOT print or transfer to the garment.

*If you need assistance please refer to our resources section of our website or reach out to us via Shopify or email at

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  • Slight variance in color may exist
  • Requires a COMMERCIAL grade heat press

Application Instructions

  • For BEST results requires the use of a COMMERCIAL grade heat press with 60 LB (Heavy) Pressure
  • Hot Peel DTF Transfers
  • Pre-Press: 5-10 seconds
  • Polyester: 275F for 10 seconds
  • TriBlend: 275F for 10 seconds
  • 50/50: 300F for 12 seconds
  • Cotton: 325F for 15 seconds
  • Allow to sit ~5 seconds off heat before peeling
  • Post-Press: Use Kraft paper for 10 seconds